8 Useful Tips for Building Your Mommy Blog Into A Business


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Being a mom can be very tough. There are so many obligations to fulfill and expectations to meet. Then, you can perform your duties satisfactorily if you can provide financially for your family. And expectations are achieved if you stay home with the kids and manage the household. Sadly, most mothers can’t do both.

“Problems arise when moms believe they need to give everything — all their time and attention to their kids — without nurturing themselves, she said. “Also, our culture still praises selflessness in motherhood, so there is a fear of being judged if you take time to attend to other interests and needs.” – Jessica Michaelson, PsyD

However, with the evolution of home-based jobs, mothers are now given a chance to juggle both at the same time. They can now do a hands-on position with their kids, take care of the house, and earn money.

And one of the preferred means to do this is by having a Mommy Blog. A mommy blog is a site filled with articles about the joys and realities of motherhood, parenthood, family life, and other under-the-sun topics. People read blogs for advice, information and even entertainment. With this, there is indeed an opportunity for mothers to earn money without leaving their house. All they have to do is build their business the right way. With this, below are some useful tips on how to make your Mommy blog a success.


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Acknowledge that your Blog is a Business

First, you have to treat your blog as a business. Not a hobby, but as a business. Grab every opportunity that comes your way.  You can do direct advertising. Advertise and sell whatever products or services there is in which your best judgment is of quality and useful.

Kathleen Adams, LPC, says, “My typical approach is to construct three or four journal prompts out of content from the individual session. I offer these to the client at the end of the session for at-home work. It takes almost no time to read the paragraph or two of reflection and send back an affirmative message. A printout of the reflection allows me to place it in my chart notes and incorporate the content into the next session, as appropriate.”

Decide How Much you are Willing to Share with your Readers

The thing about blogs is that you have to put your life into it as an example to the readers. With this, you have to ascertain boundaries for your privacy. Always think twice or even thrice the impact of what you are about to share with your audience and how it will affect your privacy.

“Blogging can help chip away at the stigma of mental illness, says Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders. “As psychologists, it’s our job to model how to handle these things, and if we’re not willing to talk about some of our own difficulties and how we’ve sought help, how do we expect our patients to do it?” Mattu says.

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As a blogger, you have to read a lot. Do your research on reliable sites and even follow other bloggers. This action will help deepen your knowledge and bring in more ideas on how you can further improve your blogs.


Educate yourself About Advertising

As a blogger and businessperson, you need a comprehensive knowledge of marketing. You need to get a good grasp on advertising, how to generate revenue, the proper way to place ads and manage direct advertising.


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Start Networking

You cannot earn that much money if you are only stand-alone with your blog. You will also need the help of others. One way to start your network is by being a guest blogger in one popular blog. Through this, you will be exposed to the blog’s readers and get into potential clients. Networking will build your name and will also lead clients to your blog.

Keep Writing about Things that are Interesting to You

The mood of a writer can “be seen” in her writing. With this, you have to write topics you find interesting. This action will make you even more effective in reaching out to your readers. And because you are giving them something that is in line with your interest, you will then be giving them valuable ideas and advice that will enlighten and educate them as well. (You can also talk about mental health issues or marriage problems and how to combat it like couples counseling – https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/marriage/how-to-talk-to-your-spouse-about-online-marriage-counseling/)

Never Apologize for those Ad Checks

If you have what it takes, flaunt it. In this world, there is room for everybody, so you don’t need to step aside for the sake of others. If you have the opportunity, idea, and chance, grab and OWN it.


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Pace yourself

Manage your time. You don’t need to soak yourself writing blogs or brainstorming. Remember that you have a life and your family. Go out and have quality time with them. Enjoy everything you have right now for this will keep you centered and open to new ideas.