Blogs Updated: The Video Blog


In today’s Internet age, it has become so easy to create and share content. One very popular way of creating content is by publishing a blog. People would often create diary-style entries discussing a variety of issues ranging from their daily activities to political problems.

With recent developments in technology and the Internet, other forms of blogging have gained popularity. One way is called “microblogging.” A common platform for this is Twitter, where people only have 140 or 280 characters for each post. Another form that has gained a large audience is the video blog or the “vlog.” A vlog is self-explanatory – it’s a blog but in a video format.

Many online influencers and social media personalities have taken to vlogs instead of written blogs. Let’s face it. Many people just don’t seem to enjoy reading lengthy texts anymore. Video captures more of the senses and catches audiences’ attention. If you want to keep up with the blogging game, here are some tips for starting your video blog.

Decide on Your Content

Similar to how it works for blogs, you have to decide on what type of content you’ll be creating. Will you be vlogging about your daily activities? Will you be creating a commentary on celebrity news? Will you be creating reviews of music and instruments? Will you be making beauty tutorials? Or will you be posting videos of different kinds? Try to decide on what direction you’ll be going and work towards establishing that brand.

At the same time, think about your audience. Who do you expect to watch your videos? Most people who patronize and follow vlogs are a younger audience (seeing as they’re the most tech-savvy). Take into consideration concerns such as language and content warnings. Decide whether you want to keep your videos G-rated or not.

Plan Your Equipment and Space


One thing you might have given much consideration while blogging is equipment. I mean, all you ever really need is your words, right? When it comes to vlogging, it’s essential to have camera and audio equipment that can keep up. By keep up, I mean it doesn’t have to be Hollywood-grade cameras and microphones. However, don’t expect to get much of a following if your camera masks everything in grain and your audio sounds like a bad Skype call.

At the same time, set up space where you’ll be doing your vlogs. Make sure the lighting is good, and audio can be heard apparently. Consider a place where you can’t hear too much outside noise that will distract from you talking (if you end up talking about your vlog).

Additionally, consider the software programs that you’ll be using to edit your videos. There are several editing programs out there that range from user-friendly to professional. Try experimenting and taking time to learn how to use them. Trying these programs will significantly increase the quality of your videos.

Choose Your Platform

Just like how it is for written blogs, you have to decide on a platform that will be hosting your videos. Will you be posting on Facebook? Are you going to be a YouTube Vlogger?  Will you be streaming on Twitch? Go and explore what platform fits you and your brand the best. Majority of favorite vloggers stream on YouTube but also post other content on other websites.

Consider being active on other websites as well, even if it’s just sharing or posting about your newest vlog. Being active will help set up more of a presence for your blog and catch more viewers.

Create a Schedule


Once you’ve decided on all the basics, it’s time to set up a schedule for yourself. This is important so that you get content out and get noticed. Not posting anything for too long will make it difficult to set up a following.

However, posting too often will also burn you out and leave you scrambling for topics to vlog about. Consider posting a video maybe once a week or 2 weeks to start out. After you’ve gotten into the groove of vlogging, you can start to post more frequently.

Just like how counseling websites are different from the face to face therapy according to this source:; but keep in mind that vlogging is certainly different from blogging. Now that you are familiar with it, start vlogging now!