Highlights Of The 2016 Austin Blogging Conference

Source: blogathonatx.com

Whether you’re a newbie blogger or an old-timey one, attending blogging conferences, such as the 2016 Austin Blogging Conference, is always a must. There are so many things to learn in a blogging conference—like how to direct traffic to your blog, how to increase your brand, or how to gain a healthy readership. Experienced bloggers and experts in the field do the lectures in these blogging conferences, so you’ll be sure to learn expert, reliable advice when you attend. The skills they teach in these conferences can be applied to your blog and website so you too can be as successful as they are.

Highlights Of Blogging Conferences

In 2016, Austin had a blogging conference called #BlogathonATX. What makes these conferences so special? These blogging conferences specifically talk of niche topics you can use in your blog. They spoke about ‘Knowing Your Reader and Defining Your Voice’ to let your blog get its distinctive voice that your readers can easily recognize and relate to. The conference also had special blogging panels like: ‘Blogging For Real’, which talks about creating and maintaining a blog for commercial and business purposes, and ‘Getting What You Want From Your Blog’ which is a panel on discussing how to foster results from your expected blog activity.

Source: blogathonatx.com

Social media experts and experienced bloggers run the Blogathon conferences. They organize specific panels catering to the needs of the up-and-coming bloggers. Additionally, they keep up with the social media trends—not just for viewership, but also how to rank your blogs and optimize your landing pages. Bloggers from all over—not only natives from Austin come and attend these conferences. You’d get to meet new friends and potential blogging partners as you continue to attend these conferences.

Why Should You Attend?

Blogging conferences are made for bloggers. If you’re a blogger, or curious about blogging and how to make the most of your platform, then you should attend blogging conferences. By participating in these, you’re making yourself visible outside of your online platform. You meet important people, encounter brands, and learn about social media techniques to get your blog noticed. Plus—every event has free food and fun games and activities, so you’ll definitely have a blast attending one!