How To Build Relationships In Blogosphere


The blogosphere is full of people reading and commenting on each other’s stories. It is some dimension where we feel that someone is concerned about our current situation or sometimes is interested in us. But how can we have this kind of relationship in blogging? Is it easy to find someone that can relate to your story? How can you also establish relationships with other bloggers? Here are some tips which you will find useful when you enter this kind of world.

Learn To Help Others


Starting a blog is very difficult for first-timers since you have no idea of its basics. You might need the help of another person in creating one. As someone who already has the skills in blogging, you must also give your hands to other starters. Help them without expecting something in return. Little by little, you will notice the fruit of your kindness such as growth in the number of your followers. Indeed, you will not go wrong being kind.

Comment On Other Blogs

It is nice to see people dropping comments on your personal blog. As a return, do the same to others especially to the neophytes. You can still remember the first comment on your blog so likely they will also recognize you as their first commenter. It creates a good relationship between bloggers and can also increase your followers by letting your name appear on their blogs’ comment section. Some may search your blog and may find interest in it.



Seeing your name mentioned by other bloggers give us a positive vibe that can be an inspiration in creating more stories. We also feel special to them because not everyone is being mentioned in blogs. It improves our relationship with our followers as well as help them earn more followers. In return, they will also give you credits on their blogs.

Interview Other Bloggers

Can you imagine yourself if someone wants you to have your story on their blog? Do you feel proud of it? People like to read stories especially successful one and once you included that in your blog it means something good is about to happen. It also helps you relate to the stories of other bloggers and absorb tips on how they succeed in blogging.

Request For The Guest Post


This might be the most significant way of building relationships with other bloggers and sharpening them. It may be time-consuming, but it will give you higher chances of meeting new people because of the different audiences. If you have a close relationship with another blogger, then don’t hesitate to ask him/her. Allowing someone to post for his/her readers means that the blogger trusts you so respect the guidelines and post something that is worth reading. It will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

When you build relationships in blogging, it will give benefits to each of you. Both will try their best to maintain such bonds. Making friends in blogging is one of the nicest things that you will experience in your entire life.