How To Deal With Writer’s Block: Tips From 2015 Lansing Rally Of Writers Conference

Many people write to express their feelings and emotions. For some people, it is a hobby to jot down all the things that enter their mind as well as talk about what they are going through. At the same time, there are also some individuals who write because it is a significant part of their career. Unfortunately, there are times when the said professional suffers from a writer’s block. If you are suffering from this, make sure to read this article as I will share some tips that I got from the 2015 Lansing rally of writers conference.





Take A Break


Whenever you encounter a writer’s block or a moment when you are lost with what to write, the best option that you can do is to rest for a while. Do not be afraid to take a break from your regular activities and try something new. It is an excellent way to recharge your brain.


Write Randomly


If you have no idea on what to write on your essay or article, another option that you can do is to try freestyle writing. All you have to do is write down anything that enters your mind. Let your thoughts flow until you find one that makes sense and can inspire you to write again.


Exercise Regularly


As a writer, it is essential for you to have an active lifestyle. Take note that it can be dangerous for your health if you will keep on facing your laptop and sit all day. Sometimes, you have to get moving to activate your brain cells and inspire you to become more productive.




Keep in mind that having a writer’s block is only normal. This phase is only temporary. You can soon get back to writing as long as you know how to follow the tips mentioned above.