It’s Not Just About The Writing


People write for so many reasons. They write because it helps them reduce their anxiety and depression. “Moving your worries from your head to paper is a great stress reducer,” says Ryan Howes, a clinical psychologist. “Part of the stress is worrying that you’ll forget what you’re worried about. Writing it out helps you forget momentarily, he said. It also can improve your sleep, he added.

Others write for self-expression. Some individuals believe it to be their passion. And some use it as a reminder of the great things in their lives. Whatever the reason is, people know that writing is a beneficial tool that does not only cater to their needs. It also assists them in their journey of knowing themselves.

Writing allows people to become themselves. When individuals write something from their past, it provides realization. When they write things from present experience, they learn and grow. And when people write stuff that they want to achieve in the future, it becomes a path towards a successful goal.


Writing And Its Benefits

  • Writing impacts mental health because people use their imagination and creativity in creating content. There is a sense of belongingness that keeps them mentally conditioned. Since it also caters to address and reduce signs and symptoms of mental illness, it becomes significant for psychological growth and balance. Deborah Serani, PsyD, says, “There’s a lot of science grounding expressive language writing and journaling as being an extremely helpful piece for maintaining mental wellness. You don’t want patients just to use their 50-minute sessions to process what’s going on in their lives. Instead, we should be helping them create a toolbox of ways to express themselves that they can use not only outside of therapy but in place of therapy at some point.”
  • Writing does not only assist in relieving mental health conditions but also supports its awareness. When writing, people begin to have a realization of the mental and emotional state they currently experience. It leaves ideas and opinions open because writers tend to research about possible treatments and helpful guides.
  • Writing is not something that everybody can enjoy. That is a fact. Some individuals find it time-consuming and perhaps inapplicable to certain situations. But regardless of that, writing proves to be one of the most convenient methods for self-expression. It does support not only mental awareness but also impacts self-consciousness.
  • Writing is a form of art. However, the best part of it is the disciplines and principles that connect it to the world. In writing, there are lots of things to do. It can be a blog that shares opinions to the public. It can be a story that depicts reality. It can also be a piece of detailed information that is useful to people. And it can be something that can push individuals by reaching their goals. Writing is everything.


You see, it is not just writing. Yes, it is not something that people can often do because it takes time, energy, effort, ideas, and thoughts. But the overall combination of those things is beneficial for the emotional and mental development of people. That is regardless if they are suffering from a psychological condition, and they are experiencing physical discomfort, or they are not emotionally conditioned. Writing can mean more than just a piece of paper and a pen.

It is essential to note that writing is not a cure for all the mental and emotional conditions that people have. It is also not a suitable solution for those people who find it impossible to write. There are still considerations and restrictions as to how and when writing should become a tool. But regardless of those hindrances, one thing is sure. Writing is not just about writing.

“I’ve seen this time and time again with some of my friends’ blogs — they share feelings and thoughts that I’d have a hard time getting from them in-person. Especially since many times people blog as they’re going through an emotional or difficult situation in their lives. It’s so much easier to blog about it as it’s happening than to try and call and talk to a half dozen close people by phone, repeating the same information and feelings time and time again (which can result in an emotional drain).” John Grohol, PsyD.