Tips On How To Start A Relationship Blog



Love is labeled as the universal language that knows no boundaries of socioeconomic class, backgrounds, and race. Love is something every individual craves to find in their lifetime because of the universality of the concept of love. Thus, it is not surprising that “Love” is a billion-dollar industry. Dating sites and applications are lucrative ventures. Restaurants, floral shops, hotels, and retail stores are flourishing with sales during Valentine’s season. Blogs on relationship advice, tips on dating, love problems and compatibility are a big hit to the public and a great way to generate additional income. If you are planning on trying your luck in the blogosphere, then starting a relationship blog might be for you.

Determine Your Audience

Love is a universal language, but it is best to focus on a particular niche market and excel in this area. Are you trying to capture the millennials and be very up to date on the different dynamics of the dating scene? Do you lean towards the older age group and discuss dating after divorce and how to keep the spark alive despite being married for a long time? A clear vision of the niche market will lead to faster results concerning reach and audience engagement.




Easy Steps

More than ever, creating blogs and sharing content through the social media platform is easier. There is no need to have technical skills in designing since many host solutions are simplifying the process with drag and drop style or integrating different applications. WordPress is said to be the top site builder on the internet, and the fees involved in doing so are minimal. Also, Bluehost is a good option for web hosting and domain name. Typically, it will cost approximately 10 dollars per month to maintain a website. Don’t spend too much time analyzing the best host provider. Pick a reputable provider based on your budget and get on started by releasing content for the niche market.

Monetize A Dating Advice Blog

Other than the possibility of reaching millions of people through the internet, monetizing your blog for extra income is a bonus. Monetizing your blog can be done through various methods. As simple as adding Google Adsense to the site or allowing third-party advertisement management will generate additional income. Other alternatives are creating your very own eBook on topics that are close and dear to you, offering products related to your website or starting affiliate marketing. Numerous dating sites such as Match, eHarmony and DoubleYourDating have affiliate programs. You earn in this affiliate program by generating traffic and sales to their website. You are paid in a successful referral or purchased from the leads on your site.




Start Now

People always procrastinate or spend too much time in the planning stage. A lot of individuals are unable to reach their potential because of the fear of failure and fear of judgment. Be conscious of the things that hold you back in achieving your personal best. If you catch yourself second-guessing a business idea and demeaning your achievements, practice self- affirmation and be your cheerleader. At times, it can be great to take the plunge and cram everything later on.