Top 5 Design Tips For A More Attractive Blog

The 2018 Blogging Conference, which was primarily for mental health bloggers, discussed the importance of their role in educating about mental health as well as the role they play on the surrounding issues on the matter. Blogs then need to be more attractive and enticing. Fixing your design is both a simple and complicated process in blogging. Simple in a way that it can easily be studied and complicated due to the nitty-gritty technical process you have to undergo. To help you get started with making your blog more attractive, here are some tips that you should consider. 


Use A Maximum Of Three Fonts


Using more than three fonts won’t make your website creative. Instead, it will only result in a messy blog. Make sure to incorporate only one font for your headline, one for your logo, and one for your body content. 


Simplify Your Layout

Whenever visitors go to your blog, they most likely have a goal in mind. It’s either they want to watch your videos, read on your write-ups, or join the community forum. Whatever it is, you should ensure that they fulfill all of these without having to go through a lot of steps.

At the very least, make sure that your blog has the following components:

  • Search Box
  • Menu
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Archives Page


Employ Only 2 To 3 Colors 

Take note that using many colors in the interface will only hurt the eyes of your visitors. Your blog should only employ these three – a shade of grey (to emphasize and de-emphasize), one primary color (to establish your brand), and a color dedicated for your call-to-action (to entice your audience). 


Place A Simple Header


Believe it or not, your blog’s header is the first thing that your visitor notices! Therefore, it is vital to design one that is simple yet attractive. 

One option is to use an image that is related to your blog. Do not use low-resolution photos, since this will only ruin the touch of your site. Another road you can take is to use typography or font-based headers, that will spell your blog’s name. This feature will add to the website’s brand recall. 


Separate Content Using 1-Pixel Borders

Borders are the best way to keep your blog clean. Designers use this for different sections of the website, and to avoid overlapping materials. 


So, open your laptop now, and apply these five designing tips to your blog!