What You Should Know Before You Begin Blogging


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Blogging seems simple enough. I mean, all you have to do is get a website, set it up, and begin writing, right? Although it seems easy, there is actually a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of making a blog. Here are some information that you need to know to help with blogging.

  1. Running a Blog Costs Money


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Blogs are anything but free. Even if you only pay a small sum of money for hosting and for a domain name, you will still have to consider the costs of templates and other customization tools that you will need to build your blog, unless you know how to set up a website by yourself. You will also have to take into consideration other purchases such as investing in advertising and purchasing stock photos that you can use for your blog posts. You may even find that you will need to hire some employees to help you launch your site and maintain it as well.


  1. Blogging Is a Lot of Work


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When you have a blog, you can’t just upload a post every once in a while and hope that people will visit your site. Blogging is a lot of work. You are going to need to consistently create content that your audience will find valuable, you will have to work hard to make SEO content and find advertising methods that will help attract people to your blog, and you will have to promote your blog on as many social platforms as physically possible. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then making a blog is not for you.


  1. You Are Going to Need to Learn Some Basic Programming Language

These days, you do not have to be a programmer or a computer genius to set up your own blog. However, it will be beneficial if you learn the basics of programming language so that way you can customize certain parts of your website or make changes should problems arise. At the very least, you should learn HTML. You can learn this language and other types of languages online through websites such as Codecademy.


  1. There Are Several Laws That, If Ignored, Could Get You Into Trouble


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Blogging, if done wrong, isn’t without consequences. There are several laws that you need to know before you begin blogging so that you can protect yourself. Here are a few:


  • You can’t post any picture that you find on the internet. You must own the rights to the picture that you are displaying on your site. This means that you must either take the picture yourself, purchase it off of a stock photo website, or get permission from the author of a picture on a free photo website.
  • You have to tell your readers that there is an affiliate marketing link on your website. If you are advertising, writing about, or endorsing a product on your blog that belongs to another person, you must put that information up on your website and explain your relationship to the person or company that you are promoting the product for.
  • You have a right to pursue legal action if someone steals information off of your blog. However, you should first let the person know that they have stolen and used copyrighted information. If they continue to keep that information up, you may legally do something about it. However, know that this will most likely be a lengthy and expensive process.


It can seem daunting to start a blog, especially after being given the above information, but if you are dedicated and can overcome these types of obstacles then you should pursue your dreams and launch your own blog.