2019 Must-Follow Anxiety Blogs

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Anxiety is a mental disorder that should not be taken lightly. The condition must be treated by the affected person at the soonest possible time. Considering the mental health issue aside will only make things worse, and it can also affect the people around the person who is suffering from it, as well.

The condition can be treated with medication and therapy. Treatment programs for anxiety take time, patience and a bit of money if the therapist is not free. On that note, the people around the person who is suffering from anxiety must be well informed of the condition so that they can help him.

“Some people feel they can control their anxiety, some feel it’s something they ‘should’ be able to manage, some feel shame, some fear they might be ‘crazy,’ and others downplay how much their anxiety is impacting them,” clinical psychologist Monique Reynolds says. “When your world starts to become limited because of anxiety, that is a good signal that it’s time to seek treatment. What is it doing to your life, your relationships, your sleep, health, work, and ability to learn and pursue things that are important to you?”

Information about anxiety can be obtained through publications, therapists and even through blogs – selected blogs. However, you need to choose the blogs that you follow and read. You have to make sure that the blogs are absolutely reliable.

With this, here are ten reliable and informative blogs that can help educate people with anxiety.

Anxiety Slayer

Ananga and Shann are anxiety coaches and authors who have spent most of their lives working on anxiety issues. Anxiety Slayer is a podcast and has gained awards for years because of its reliable podcasting. In their blog, anxiety is being discussed thoroughly. It can also be used as a resource reference for studies. Also in this blog, suggestions on overcoming the said mental disorder are being discussed, as well as how to prevent and overcome it.

Anxiety Network

Anxiety Network is founded by Thomas Richards. He also started a clinic for people with anxiety disorders in 1995. The blog is the clinic’s counterpart, and it is a way to reach them, especially those who don’t have direct access to the physical clinic. In the blog, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder are heavily discussed. Included in the blog are general information about the disorder, quizzes, tips, forums and so much more.



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Anxiety – Schmanxiety By Healthy Place

The blog specializes in publishing write-ups that have to do with actual experiences of people with anxiety. The write-ups are a mixture of personal points of view and professional ideas, as well.  It discusses the causes of anxiety, how it develops, and the experiences of people while battling the stigma and how to overcome it. The blog is spearheaded by Tanya Peterson.

Relief From Anxiety

Amy published this blog right after she found out that she has anxiety herself. It’s an informative blog that shares all the facts about anxiety. It also contains useful advice and tips to those who want relief from anxiety. She also shared her experiences about her condition; that is why the blog is very personal.

The Anxiety Guy

This blog talks about the necessary information regarding anxiety, the author’s personal experience with anxiety, the causes, the tips and the suggestions on how to overcome the said mental disorder. It is created by Dennis Simsek, a programming professional, who also happens to be a neuro-linguistic expert and a cognitive behavioral therapist.

Jodi Aman

Author of four books on anxiety and a psychotherapist who started her practice in 1994, Aman has helped numerous people with anxiety. She helped many people overcome it, understand the mental health disorder and deal with it the proper way. Posted in her blog are helpful videos that are related to anxiety.

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Beautiful Voyager

The author of Beautiful Voyager directs her writings to people labeled as over thinkers. It also has articles that discuss anxiety, how to deal with things, migraines, anxiety during the morning and the effects of anxiety on the body.

Anxiety Gone

This blog is created by Chantal McCulligh, and it is also an advocate who aims to help people get over anxiety. The blog also aims to help people find relief on the mental health issues that they are undergoing. Overcoming anxiety and having a successful life is the blog’s goal for its followers. Inserted as a bonus in the said blog are some yoga exercise articles that can be of help to people suffering from the said disorder.

“Yoga is an effective adjunct to counseling and psychopharmacologic treatments,” says Bo Forbes, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and yoga therapist. “Even a 10-minute daily yoga practice increases stress resilience, and contemplative, relaxation-based practices such as restorative yoga help reduce anxiety and fearfulness.”

Anxiety United

Unlike other blogs regarding anxiety, Anxiety United focuses on treatments and the steps that will help the readers get over social disorders, depression, anxiety issues, and other mental health conditions. Aside from the informative articles, the blog also has video clips, audio files and so much more. The primary purpose of this blog is to help the person affected by anxiety on coping and educating the people around him as well.

“Not everyone agrees, though, that the mere act of writing is necessarily beneficial. In fact, initial writing about trauma triggers distress and physical and emotional arousal, researchers have found. And not all people will work through that distress therapeutically or through continued writing.” Helen Marlo, PhD explains. However, overcoming anxiety is a battle that requires knowledge. With this, these blogs made sure that they are accessible and easily understandable.