4 Effective Tactics To Promote Your Blog

The 2019 Bloggers Event tackled the most effective tactics to promote blogs. No matter how good your content is, but you won’t be able to grow your web traffic, there’s no point in running it. It’s just a waste of time. With this in mind, here are some strategies that you can apply to grow your site’s reach.

Manage Links

Placing both external and internal links will increase your website’s traffic. Without these features, the Internet won’t be a helpful tool for anyone. External links are there so your visitors can go site to site while internal links help your visitor jump from page to page on your website.

Make sure to take advantage of internal links. You can link these content to your posts with the highest audience reach. This way, you can redirect some of them to your other write-up.

Use Keywords

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Keywords are a vital tool in promoting your page. First, you must use SEO platforms to look for the most searched keywords. Then, integrate these on your URL, page title, primary heading, subheadings, and first paragraph of the page. This kind of approach does not directly promote your site to your audience, but it still appears on their searches when done right.

Please take note that you don’t have to place them in every sentence or every location. Do not force them as well if they do not fit the train of thought. When you do this wrongly, there’s a chance that some websites will flag you as spam content.

Use Email Lists

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You should incorporate a signup sheet on your blog to collect the email addresses of your visitors. Once you have several people on your email list, you can then promote your content by sending promotional emails to them. Just make your subject and email body as catchy and direct as possible so that you’ll get your readers’ attention.

Maximize Social Media Followers

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Creating a page or account for your brand can help boost your site. Studies show that link clicks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn grow your following to at least 15% per month. You can even share the same link several times! All you have to do is make small changes to your caption, and you’re good to go!