An Anxiety-Filled Blog Due To COVID-19 Pandemic


It has been almost entirely a month since the world came across the COVID-19 virus. Admittedly, it is not a comfortable situation. There are lots of affected people on each side of the world. The sad part, a lot of them are dying. No one knows how to stop this. Also, no one knows the exact time when this pandemic would end. It seems like everything about it is hanging in the air. The mass testing, the lockdown, and the loss of economic strength, everything is exhausting.




The Fear Of Losing A Life

One thing that causes too much anxiety in this situation is the fear of losing someone due to the virus. People hear the news every day that a family member or a friend gets contacted with the disease. There is this daily hope that makes individuals wish not to see a familiar face on the television because they already know what the news would bring them. Though I understand the emotional relief of knowing that the particular person they saw on the story is not someone they know. Still, everyone is scared of their loved ones.

But the hardship never ends there. The fact that if someone these people know got infected, the person needs to isolate himself from the rest of his family. Imagine him living inside the same house having limited access to the people he only wishes to see. It is devastating. And to think that it is safe and all, no, it is not. The level of anxiety increases because that individual could have infected this entire family in seconds if not careful enough to follow strict protocols.




The Worries Of Not Living Life

Currently, people understand the situation. Somehow the majority of them are still inclined to listen and follow specific safety protocols. But though they feel a little less stress staying at their homes, the anxiety they feel for not enjoying life is lurking inside. Of course, people do want to have themselves infected with the virus. But they do not want to get stuck in their homes for the rest of their lives either. They need the outside world because there is more life there than in the four-cornered wall.

Perhaps everyone can understand that the fear of not losing a life is more significant than the eagerness of exploring the outside world when there is a virus present. Honestly, staying at home is very challenging. People need to stop doing what they used to do and just stay at home. Well, it is not that the whole process is unworthy because the lockdown brings the family together, though. But for some, the situation increases anxiety as well as boredom.

At some point, this pandemic takes everyone’s emotional and mental strength down to the pit. The fear of losing a life and not living life to fullest collide. But what choice do people have?




You see, this virus is not something people can’t shrug off. It kills thousands of people across the globe in a limited amount of days. And if you think about it, no one is entirely safe. Every person’s lives are in danger. People may not like what is happening in the world right now, but all they can do is hope and pray that things will soon come back to normal.

There is nothing more worrisome than recognizing that the world is not safe anymore. But even though people already experienced the worst, a lot of them still look on the bright side. That this situation is temporary, and sooner or later, it will end. Yes, no one knows when and how, but it will get there.