Bloggers Common Mistakes


Are you planning to make your blog? Do you love to write? What kind of blog are you publishing? If yes, you are now ready to write your first article. However, it is inevitable to commit mistakes when you are writing a blog. A lot of bloggers experienced errors because they forget the basics of blogging. Some bloggers committed errors that almost ruined their work.

What must bloggers avoid?

Standard rules do not exist in blogging. However, methods of blogging vary from the type of writing. Read on to find out the common mistakes bloggers do.

  1. Inconsistent posting schedule

Inconsistency is one of the most common mistakes a blogger can experience. Upon starting, you may have a lot of ideas in you. New and fresh always. But remember, it will not always be like that. Bloggers do not update their blog because they have run out of ideas.

Commit to the regular schedule of posting your articles. It does not need to be daily. You just have to be consistent. Try to avoid posting it all if you have made a lot of articles. Post it with time intervals between each piece. You must always have extra material to be published as it is needed.



  1. Too complex

One of blogging’s primary goal is to capture the attention of your readers. It is putting their interest on top of your priorities. It is when you give your readers enough reason to get more interested in your blog. You might lose your audience if your blog is too complicated to comprehend. It is your role as a writer to help your readers gain that information with ease. You can entertain them without draining their minds. It helps if you are creative with your blog but not to a point where it is you alone who can understand it.


  1. SEO focused writing

Every blogger must be careful in writing content. Avoid writing articles that only impress Google for search engine optimization.  Know the difference between keyword functions and Meta description. Write every material to attract the attention of your readers then optimize the blog later. You aim to capture the interest of your readers. You are doing it incorrectly if you focus on the word count instead of the quality of the article. Do not allow SEO to put a wall in your creativity.


The art of blogging becomes enjoyable when you love what you are doing so always remember that mistakes are good if you learn from it. You will never grow as a writer if you do not choose to improve. Your readers are essential; therefore you should avoid taking them for granted.

You can become more efficient in blogging when you follow specific methods that will help you improve your writing skills. Avoid quitting when you encounter stressful situations. Writing is a journey so you must enjoy every moment of it.