Branding Your Relationship Blog (Or Any Blogs)

Blogging is now becoming a household name. In fact, this is one of the dominant modes of communication among the young generation and tech-savvy people. From its inception as a personal online diary or journal of life events and experiences, blogging has evolved and turned into the e-commerce industry, and bloggers are often called social media influencers because of their power and ability to create an impact on daily living. 




As bloggers, we want to be known as someone in the field of the online world. Its primary purpose is not to feed our ego but offer ourselves to extend our help and connect with people. If you decide to build up a blog and help people with their relationship issues, you need to follow a strict set of rules to gather a reasonable number of followers. I say reasonable because these batch of people will then share or tell others about you and your blog to their friends and other persons who may benefit from your blog. Thus, it can turn into a snowball effect which in the long run can grow and increase traffic to your site. 

So, How Do You Do This? 

Creating your brand through blogging is more than just posting articles for advice. Writing and publishing five articles a day is somehow acceptable if your goal is to have fill-up your blog with simple materials. It’s not only that. You need more concrete steps to ensure that the path you are taking is the right way. Here are some tips that we can do in building your brand with the use of blogging. 

Select A Theme Or Niche For Blogging 

For this discussion, let us consider putting up a relationship blog. If you type and google relationship blogs, you will have thousands of sites carrying the same theme or topic. Don’t be discouraged. You are not alone in thinking of ways on how to solve the problems of the world. Anyway, your goal now is to think of directions on how to make your relationship blog unique from the rest.  




The necessary steps are to post articles, pictures, ads, and emails that are all in the wavelength of your brand. If you have a background in online marketing, then add stuff that is related to marketing. Sometimes, it is not avoidable to add personal stuff, but make sure it is still related to your brand. When choosing your niche, focus on the keywords that are commonly used in your field. Use google and start some basic keyword research to confirm if people are already seeking out advice in your niche. Ranking for a specific keyword may take a lot of time so do not lose hope in creating your brand. 

Have Your Brand Voice 

Infuse bits and pieces of who you are in your writing. You must keep in mind that people are coming to your brand because of you. You need to be unique and not to be stereotyped as an ordinary blogger. Do not mind if many will attack you, just be yourself and try to be the best version of who you are as much as possible. Little by little, you will be known by the online world as someone who’s been there and done that, and that you have many ideas on relationship problems. Your personality is also your brand voice. It can also add credibility if you are trained and certified in counseling or coaching. This way people are more comfortable than they are getting professional advice and not just an opinion. 


The Design Of Your Blog Must Describe Your Brand 

Building your actual blog is a hard part. The design of your blog can make or break you. Studies found out that almost all the time, first impressions are always based on the model of sites, and it takes a small amount of time for someone to decide. Everything that is on your site must be related to your focus and do not clutter with anything unrelated to it. It is also essential to keep your site clean and comfortable to navigate to please the people. 

Update Your Blog With Relevant Content 

The key to building a big brand is volume and consistency in posting materials on your site. One of its advantages is that it improves your SEO. I know this may sound alien to you, but SEO or search engine optimization can do wonders to your site especially if you are planning to make this as an income-generating blog. 




More writings mean a more refined brand and a more sophisticated brand means the bigger and better it will be. The minimum posting must be 2 to 3 times a week, but it will depend on your goals. You are also encouraged to try other social media platforms such as making videos to stay active and engaged. 

Using these four tips, I am sure that you will have a successful personal brand. Remember that it will take time to build your brand entirely, but your patience and determination will be the keys to reaching your goal.