Highlights Of The 2016 Austin Blogging Conference

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Whether you’re a newbie blogger or an old-timey one, attending blogging conferences, such as the 2016 Austin Blogging Conference, is always a must. There are so many things to learn in a blogging conference—like how to direct traffic to your blog, how to increase your brand, or how to gain a healthy readership. Experienced bloggers and experts in the field do the lectures in these blogging conferences, so you’ll be sure to learn expert, reliable advice when you attend. The skills they teach in these conferences can be applied to your blog and website so you too can be as successful as they are.

Highlights Of Blogging Conferences

In 2016, Austin had a blogging conference called #BlogathonATX. What makes these conferences so special? These blogging conferences specifically talk of niche topics you can use in your blog. They spoke about ‘Knowing Your Reader and Defining Your Voice’ to let your blog get its distinctive voice that your readers can easily recognize and relate to. The conference also had special blogging panels like: ‘Blogging For Real’, which talks about creating and maintaining a blog for commercial and business purposes, and ‘Getting What You Want From Your Blog’ which is a panel on discussing how to foster results from your expected blog activity.

Source: blogathonatx.com

Social media experts and experienced bloggers run the Blogathon conferences. They organize specific panels catering to the needs of the up-and-coming bloggers. Additionally, they keep up with the social media trends—not just for viewership, but also how to rank your blogs and optimize your landing pages. Bloggers from all over—not only natives from Austin come and attend these conferences. You’d get to meet new friends and potential blogging partners as you continue to attend these conferences.

Why Should You Attend?

Blogging conferences are made for bloggers. If you’re a blogger, or curious about blogging and how to make the most of your platform, then you should attend blogging conferences. By participating in these, you’re making yourself visible outside of your online platform. You meet important people, encounter brands, and learn about social media techniques to get your blog noticed. Plus—every event has free food and fun games and activities, so you’ll definitely have a blast attending one!

Bloggers Common Mistakes

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Are you planning to make your blog? Do you love to write? What kind of blog are you publishing? If yes, you are now ready to write your first article. However, it is inevitable to commit mistakes when you are writing a blog. A lot of bloggers experienced errors because they forget the basics of blogging. Some bloggers committed errors that almost ruined their work.

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Free Blogging Platforms

For those of you who are just beginning their blogging journey or who are blogging for entertainment rather than for monetary reasons, using a free blogging platform is a great place to start. You won’t have to worry about the layout of your blog, turning a profit, or learning a programming language to customize certain parts of the website. You will just be able to blog to your heart’s content. If you are a blogger with a budget or blogger for fun, here a few of the best free blogging platforms that you should try out.



  1. https://medium.com/

Medium is the perfect free blogging platform for beginners. There are very little distractions since stories are written on a blank screen, you can still customize your content by adding images, videos, and links, and you can share your content quickly through Twitter and Facebook. Since it is a fairly new platform, it doesn’t have a vast audience, but it is growing in popularity and it is a site that shouldn’t be overlooked.


  1. https://www.tumblr.com/

Tumblr is a blogging platform for those who want instant access to a large community. Tumblr has been around for a while and will most likely be one of the most widely used blogging platforms for years to come. However, Tumblr is not for those who want to be able to customize their website freely. You can post videos, text posts, photos, and other content but when it comes to the look of your blog, you are mainly stuck with the themes that Tumblr gives you. Still, it is a free blogging platform and is great for those who want to put their content out and get an immediate audience.


  1. https://www.blogger.com/about/?r=2

People who want to share their stories and have fun customizing their website should use Blogger for their blogging needs. Blogger is different from the two platforms mentioned above because there is much more freedom when it comes to customization. There are plenty of templates that Blogger provides to you when you begin building your blog and you can even add your own designs as well. Unlike most free blogging platforms, however, you will have to build your own audience outside of blogger, which can be a downside for some bloggers.


  1. https://wordpress.com/

If you plan on having your own blog one day, you should begin your blogging journey by using the free version of WordPress. Almost all blogs these days are run through the WordPress website or have WordPress templates installed on the blog. Although they only give you three gigabytes of data in the free version, this is more than enough to give you the freedom to blog about what you want and to give you an idea of how you will be running your own blog in the future.


  1. https://www.wix.com/

Wix is a unique website building experience. Wix gives you the ability to create your own website through dragging and dropping a variety of text boxes, designs, and links into each blank page. While many free blogging platforms only give you one page to work with rather than several, Wix gives you as many as you like as long as it is under the 500-megabyte amount of storage that they provide to you when you initially create your website. Much like WordPress, you can upgrade your website and pay for a plan later that will give you your own domain and more storage space to do what you like with your website.

These are only a few suggestions of free blogging platforms that are great for beginners and experienced bloggers alike. If you find that these don’t work for what you are trying to accomplish, keep testing out the platforms that emerging constantly until you find one that you enjoy working with.

How To Make Money In Blogging



Blogging can be a profitable way for a writer to make money but it can also be more difficult than many other methods. Blogging for profit is a long process that requires a solid plan and a lot of patience. If you think you are ready to start your own blog and make money from it as well, take a look at some of the ways that you can monetize your blog below.


  1. Utilize the Empty Space on Your Blog As Advertisement Space

This is a widely known method for monetizing your blog without having to put too much extra work into it. All you have to do is sign up with a service who will place ads throughout your blog and will either pay you based on clicks or impressions. If you choose to be paid based on impressions, you will receive a certain amount of money based on how many page-views that you get. If you choose to be paid based on clicks, you will receive money based on how many people click on the advertisement that is placed on your page.



  1. Advertise Other People’s Products on Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is a way that you can make money by advertising their products on your blog. All you have to do is sign up for a service that gives you products to promote or reach out to businesses and fellow bloggers to see if they need any help selling their products. Once you have signed up or have gotten permission, you can then post links that will take interested readers over to the product. If they decide to purchase the product that you have posted on your website, you will receive a portion of money from the sale.


  1. Sell Your Own Products

While it is easier to sell other people’s products, you can sell your own products on your blog as well. Depending on the content of your blog, you can sell things like books, website templates, informational videos, pictures, and a variety of other goods. However, you should decide when you first begin selling products whether or not you want to be selling your goods offline or online. Offline goods are much more difficult to sell because you will be worrying about things such as packaging, shipping, and returns. With electronic goods, however, customers can purchase your products directly from your website and receive them immediately online.


  1. Sell Your Services

Products aren’t the only thing that you can sell on your blog. You can also provide your services to your readers if you have valuable information to share. Courses are a great way to sell services because they provide a constant passive income stream while you continue to write and grow your blog. If you prefer more of a connection with your readers and like face-to-face interaction, you can instead sell a membership so that they can access webinars, tools, and Skype interviews that pertain to the services that you are providing.



  1. Add a Donation Button to Your Website

While many professionals frown on placing a donation button on a blog, it can be a profitable method if you have a large following who enjoy reading your content. All you have to do is place a button on your blog that will link to PayPal or another payment service and you’re done. If you think that it is wrong to place a donation button on your website or you feel fraudulent by doing so, just remember that you can use the money for website upkeep or to improve it instead of adding the money to your paycheck.

Blogging online

Who doesn’t read blogs? There are literally thousands of blogs online and they vary according to interest. Blogging can be a simple way to help others, especially if you like the idea of creating a mental health blog. It is also a good outlet if one is particularly a loner, someone who would prefer minding one’s self, being alone, by choice or by circumstances. “Moving your worries from your head to paper is a great stress reducer,” Clinical Psychologist Ryan Howes said. “Part of the stress is worrying that you’ll forget what you’re worried about. Writing it out helps you forget momentarily. It also can improve your sleep,” he added.

Despite what you might believe, blogging online can be very simple and extremely effective! Blogging has a pretty straightforward concept and is something that proves to be more than useful. What’s more, there are lots of potential in terms of niches and gaps in the market, which really brings an air of potential success. With a bit of know-how, anything is possible.

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