4 Effective Tactics To Promote Your Blog

The 2019 Bloggers Event tackled the most effective tactics to promote blogs. No matter how good your content is, but you won’t be able to grow your web traffic, there’s no point in running it. It’s just a waste of time. With this in mind, here are some strategies that you can apply to grow your site’s reach.

Manage Links

Placing both external and internal links will increase your website’s traffic. Without these features, the Internet won’t be a helpful tool for anyone. External links are there so your visitors can go site to site while internal links help your visitor jump from page to page on your website.

Make sure to take advantage of internal links. You can link these content to your posts with the highest audience reach. This way, you can redirect some of them to your other write-up.

Use Keywords

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Keywords are a vital tool in promoting your page. First, you must use SEO platforms to look for the most searched keywords. Then, integrate these on your URL, page title, primary heading, subheadings, and first paragraph of the page. This kind of approach does not directly promote your site to your audience, but it still appears on their searches when done right.

Please take note that you don’t have to place them in every sentence or every location. Do not force them as well if they do not fit the train of thought. When you do this wrongly, there’s a chance that some websites will flag you as spam content.

Use Email Lists

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You should incorporate a signup sheet on your blog to collect the email addresses of your visitors. Once you have several people on your email list, you can then promote your content by sending promotional emails to them. Just make your subject and email body as catchy and direct as possible so that you’ll get your readers’ attention.

Maximize Social Media Followers

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Creating a page or account for your brand can help boost your site. Studies show that link clicks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn grow your following to at least 15% per month. You can even share the same link several times! All you have to do is make small changes to your caption, and you’re good to go!

How Blogging Can Increase Your Network Of Friends


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It is hard to believe that blogging – a quotidian tool that lets anyone express their personal feelings thoughts and observations at any place and time – helps friendships. Bloggers who spent more time on their blogs have increased numbers and satisfaction with their friends online even with their face-to-face friends. Survey reports that bloggers, compared to non-bloggers, were happier with their friendship be it online or face-to-face. It increases their dependability with other people for help and assistance which is vital in building friendships. Blogging serves as a social hub where they can reach out to other people for mutual feedback and support, nourishing a sense of help and security. Because of this, blogging promotes the involvement of a person in his community and prevents him to be isolated from a group. These types of qualities were not present to those who do not blog, confirming that blogging enhances social support and friendship networks through mutual feedback. 

To further explain the importance of blogging to friendships, here are some points that one can consider.  

It Helps Bloggers Find Their Voices 

Friendship always starts with the ability to love and appreciate oneself. Sharing thoughts with the outside world through opinion and suggestions help bloggers to learn who he is on the inside. Starting a blog does not give a blogger worries about pleasing other people. For a few months, it is possible that no one is reading his articles. So, he must relax and have no fear of writing about his personal experiences, passion, hopes, and values. And when the time comes that he had pleased an audience, he will have sufficient time to get more serious in writing his topics.  


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It Helps Them Meet Like-Minded People 

People often start blogs that are related to their passion. It will be a good avenue for a blogger to socialize with people who possess the same type of interests as him. As the blogger becomes more popular, everything that he writes becomes an opportunity for interactions. That’s why another name for a blogger is an influencer. They become the expert in the field of their chosen genre, and this is already an excellent opportunity for networking. Interested people will always visit the blog for new posts to keep them updated. Inevitably it will not happen in an instant, but it is not something to be worried about. It is important to write something that you care about because it will give you the energy that will keep you interested in writing for your audience.  


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It Helps Build a Reputation as an Expert 

What are your interests? Do you love traveling? Are you near to becoming a professional photographer? Have you already reached your goals in life? 

Blogging is an excellent way to make one a reputable person in the society. People will acknowledge him because of his shared knowledge of blogging. Some may get invitations to speak to a large crowd of his expertise according to what is written on his blog. People will respect bloggers as someone who is worthy enough to be listened to and an inspiration to many. 

Blogging is an excellent way of making new friends and become happier in life. Unlike other things, blogging is a free tool that you have complete control of in making new friends. If you want to be a blogger, then the social world is waiting for you to share yourself with them. 

Branding Your Relationship Blog (Or Any Blogs)

Blogging is now becoming a household name. In fact, this is one of the dominant modes of communication among the young generation and tech-savvy people. From its inception as a personal online diary or journal of life events and experiences, blogging has evolved and turned into the e-commerce industry, and bloggers are often called social media influencers because of their power and ability to create an impact on daily living. 


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How To Build Relationships In Blogosphere


The blogosphere is full of people reading and commenting on each other’s stories. It is some dimension where we feel that someone is concerned about our current situation or sometimes is interested in us. But how can we have this kind of relationship in blogging? Is it easy to find someone that can relate to your story? How can you also establish relationships with other bloggers? Here are some tips which you will find useful when you enter this kind of world.

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Journaling To Help With Mental Health Issues (Ask Your Psychologist)

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Depression, anxiety, and stress can be very overwhelming, and you might feel emotionally exhausted and afraid that you might not be able to finish even simple tasks. This can lead to overthinking that will not derail you from doing anything productive. (Ask a  psychologist about it, and he will agree.)

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Blogs Updated: The Video Blog

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In today’s Internet age, it has become so easy to create and share content. One very popular way of creating content is by publishing a blog. People would often create diary-style entries discussing a variety of issues ranging from their daily activities to political problems.

With recent developments in technology and the Internet, other forms of blogging have gained popularity. One way is called “microblogging.” A common platform for this is Twitter, where people only have 140 or 280 characters for each post. Another form that has gained a large audience is the video blog or the “vlog.” A vlog is self-explanatory – it’s a blog but in a video format.

Many online influencers and social media personalities have taken to vlogs instead of written blogs. Let’s face it. Many people just don’t seem to enjoy reading lengthy texts anymore. Video captures more of the senses and catches audiences’ attention. If you want to keep up with the blogging game, here are some tips for starting your video blog.

Decide on Your Content

Similar to how it works for blogs, you have to decide on what type of content you’ll be creating. Will you be vlogging about your daily activities? Will you be creating a commentary on celebrity news? Will you be creating reviews of music and instruments? Will you be making beauty tutorials? Or will you be posting videos of different kinds? Try to decide on what direction you’ll be going and work towards establishing that brand.

At the same time, think about your audience. Who do you expect to watch your videos? Most people who patronize and follow vlogs are a younger audience (seeing as they’re the most tech-savvy). Take into consideration concerns such as language and content warnings. Decide whether you want to keep your videos G-rated or not.

Plan Your Equipment and Space

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One thing you might have given much consideration while blogging is equipment. I mean, all you ever really need is your words, right? When it comes to vlogging, it’s essential to have camera and audio equipment that can keep up. By keep up, I mean it doesn’t have to be Hollywood-grade cameras and microphones. However, don’t expect to get much of a following if your camera masks everything in grain and your audio sounds like a bad Skype call.

At the same time, set up space where you’ll be doing your vlogs. Make sure the lighting is good, and audio can be heard apparently. Consider a place where you can’t hear too much outside noise that will distract from you talking (if you end up talking about your vlog).

Additionally, consider the software programs that you’ll be using to edit your videos. There are several editing programs out there that range from user-friendly to professional. Try experimenting and taking time to learn how to use them. Trying these programs will significantly increase the quality of your videos.

Choose Your Platform

Just like how it is for written blogs, you have to decide on a platform that will be hosting your videos. Will you be posting on Facebook? Are you going to be a YouTube Vlogger?  Will you be streaming on Twitch? Go and explore what platform fits you and your brand the best. Majority of favorite vloggers stream on YouTube but also post other content on other websites.

Consider being active on other websites as well, even if it’s just sharing or posting about your newest vlog. Being active will help set up more of a presence for your blog and catch more viewers.

Create a Schedule

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Once you’ve decided on all the basics, it’s time to set up a schedule for yourself. This is important so that you get content out and get noticed. Not posting anything for too long will make it difficult to set up a following.

However, posting too often will also burn you out and leave you scrambling for topics to vlog about. Consider posting a video maybe once a week or 2 weeks to start out. After you’ve gotten into the groove of vlogging, you can start to post more frequently.

Just like how counseling websites are different from the face to face therapy according to this source: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/psychologyists/reasons-to-choose-an-online-psychiatrist/; but keep in mind that vlogging is certainly different from blogging. Now that you are familiar with it, start vlogging now!

What You Should Know Before You Begin Blogging


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Blogging seems simple enough. I mean, all you have to do is get a website, set it up, and begin writing, right? Although it seems easy, there is actually a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of making a blog. Here are some information that you need to know to help with blogging.

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How to Write a Successful Blog

Blogging has become so popular for millions throughout the world and it can be a truly wonderful career too. Writing a successful blog doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think and with a bit of know-how, anything is possible. When you write a blog you can, in fact, help others and maybe even earn a fair income too. However, how can you write a successful blog? Read on to learn a few simple secrets of successful blogging.

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