Top 5 Design Tips For A More Attractive Blog

The 2018 Blogging Conference, which was primarily for mental health bloggers, discussed the importance of their role in educating about mental health as well as the role they play on the surrounding issues on the matter. Blogs then need to be more attractive and enticing. Fixing your design is both a simple and complicated process in blogging. Simple in a way that it can easily be studied and complicated due to the nitty-gritty technical process you have to undergo. To help you get started with making your blog more attractive, here are some tips that you should consider. 


Use A Maximum Of Three Fonts


Using more than three fonts won’t make your website creative. Instead, it will only result in a messy blog. Make sure to incorporate only one font for your headline, one for your logo, and one for your body content. 


Simplify Your Layout

Whenever visitors go to your blog, they most likely have a goal in mind. It’s either they want to watch your videos, read on your write-ups, or join the community forum. Whatever it is, you should ensure that they fulfill all of these without having to go through a lot of steps.

At the very least, make sure that your blog has the following components:

  • Search Box
  • Menu
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Archives Page


Employ Only 2 To 3 Colors 

Take note that using many colors in the interface will only hurt the eyes of your visitors. Your blog should only employ these three – a shade of grey (to emphasize and de-emphasize), one primary color (to establish your brand), and a color dedicated for your call-to-action (to entice your audience). 


Place A Simple Header


Believe it or not, your blog’s header is the first thing that your visitor notices! Therefore, it is vital to design one that is simple yet attractive. 

One option is to use an image that is related to your blog. Do not use low-resolution photos, since this will only ruin the touch of your site. Another road you can take is to use typography or font-based headers, that will spell your blog’s name. This feature will add to the website’s brand recall. 


Separate Content Using 1-Pixel Borders

Borders are the best way to keep your blog clean. Designers use this for different sections of the website, and to avoid overlapping materials. 


So, open your laptop now, and apply these five designing tips to your blog! 

How Blogging Can Increase Your Network Of Friends




It is hard to believe that blogging – a quotidian tool that lets anyone express their personal feelings thoughts and observations at any place and time – helps friendships. Bloggers who spent more time on their blogs have increased numbers and satisfaction with their friends online even with their face-to-face friends. Survey reports that bloggers, compared to non-bloggers, were happier with their friendship be it online or face-to-face. It increases their dependability with other people for help and assistance which is vital in building friendships. Blogging serves as a social hub where they can reach out to other people for mutual feedback and support, nourishing a sense of help and security. Because of this, blogging promotes the involvement of a person in his community and prevents him to be isolated from a group. These types of qualities were not present to those who do not blog, confirming that blogging enhances social support and friendship networks through mutual feedback. 

To further explain the importance of blogging to friendships, here are some points that one can consider.  

It Helps Bloggers Find Their Voices 

Friendship always starts with the ability to love and appreciate oneself. Sharing thoughts with the outside world through opinion and suggestions help bloggers to learn who he is on the inside. Starting a blog does not give a blogger worries about pleasing other people. For a few months, it is possible that no one is reading his articles. So, he must relax and have no fear of writing about his personal experiences, passion, hopes, and values. And when the time comes that he had pleased an audience, he will have sufficient time to get more serious in writing his topics.  




It Helps Them Meet Like-Minded People 

People often start blogs that are related to their passion. It will be a good avenue for a blogger to socialize with people who possess the same type of interests as him. As the blogger becomes more popular, everything that he writes becomes an opportunity for interactions. That’s why another name for a blogger is an influencer. They become the expert in the field of their chosen genre, and this is already an excellent opportunity for networking. Interested people will always visit the blog for new posts to keep them updated. Inevitably it will not happen in an instant, but it is not something to be worried about. It is important to write something that you care about because it will give you the energy that will keep you interested in writing for your audience.  




It Helps Build a Reputation as an Expert 

What are your interests? Do you love traveling? Are you near to becoming a professional photographer? Have you already reached your goals in life? 

Blogging is an excellent way to make one a reputable person in the society. People will acknowledge him because of his shared knowledge of blogging. Some may get invitations to speak to a large crowd of his expertise according to what is written on his blog. People will respect bloggers as someone who is worthy enough to be listened to and an inspiration to many. 

Blogging is an excellent way of making new friends and become happier in life. Unlike other things, blogging is a free tool that you have complete control of in making new friends. If you want to be a blogger, then the social world is waiting for you to share yourself with them. 

Branding Your Relationship Blog (Or Any Blogs)

Blogging is now becoming a household name. In fact, this is one of the dominant modes of communication among the young generation and tech-savvy people. From its inception as a personal online diary or journal of life events and experiences, blogging has evolved and turned into the e-commerce industry, and bloggers are often called social media influencers because of their power and ability to create an impact on daily living. 




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Tips On How To Start A Relationship Blog



Love is labeled as the universal language that knows no boundaries of socioeconomic class, backgrounds, and race. Love is something every individual craves to find in their lifetime because of the universality of the concept of love. Thus, it is not surprising that “Love” is a billion-dollar industry. Dating sites and applications are lucrative ventures. Restaurants, floral shops, hotels, and retail stores are flourishing with sales during Valentine’s season. Blogs on relationship advice, tips on dating, love problems and compatibility are a big hit to the public and a great way to generate additional income. If you are planning on trying your luck in the blogosphere, then starting a relationship blog might be for you.

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How To Build Relationships In Blogosphere


The blogosphere is full of people reading and commenting on each other’s stories. It is some dimension where we feel that someone is concerned about our current situation or sometimes is interested in us. But how can we have this kind of relationship in blogging? Is it easy to find someone that can relate to your story? How can you also establish relationships with other bloggers? Here are some tips which you will find useful when you enter this kind of world.

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Treating Disorders: Are Mental Health Blogs Helpful?

Modern times have caused many psychological concerns more prevalent and even topping the medical problems of most persons. This lead to the sprouting of many mental health blogs and sites with the purpose of providing efficient and immediate information on how to address and manage the many mental health disorders.


Many mental health blogs have now emerged to adddress mental health disorders

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Blogging: Can Blogs Be An Expressive Way Of Therapy


How do millennials cope with today’s challenges and what are they typically into? Will you agree that blogging can help?

The new digital activity that most millennials are aware of is blogging or writing online journals. It is a digital diary or what we usually term as a blog where a blogger or writer and owner of the blog site share their thoughts and experiences with the intention of inspiring people who visit their weblog. Nowadays, the internet is laden with too many blog sites, and some are personal while others are group or company sites. Each blogger has a reason for why they build an online journal, it can easily be detected in their blogs or in the articles that they post on a regular basis. In this article, we shall discuss why having blogs can provide beneficial effects on one’s mental health.

When blogging can do so much more than you ever thought. Your blogs can be a healing instrument.

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8 Useful Tips for Building Your Mommy Blog Into A Business




Being a mom can be very tough. There are so many obligations to fulfill and expectations to meet. Then, you can perform your duties satisfactorily if you can provide financially for your family. And expectations are achieved if you stay home with the kids and manage the household. Sadly, most mothers can’t do both.

“Problems arise when moms believe they need to give everything — all their time and attention to their kids — without nurturing themselves, she said. “Also, our culture still praises selflessness in motherhood, so there is a fear of being judged if you take time to attend to other interests and needs.” – Jessica Michaelson, PsyD

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The Mind-Blogging World of Social Relationship Status

With the advancement and progress of technology, everything we need is just one click away. Technology has come a long way in creating a virtual network among people; it has enabled us to have wireless access to information than we usually get through physical interaction. And now, even communication has stepped up into a higher notch, from snail mails and telegraphs to electronic mails and short message service. Even social media has gone a lot better; it has taken the world into a more interactive communication with people around the world. Social platforms have paved the way for the era of Social-Blogs which has given the world a broad spectrum of opportunities and possibilities. Continue reading The Mind-Blogging World of Social Relationship Status

Starting a Psychiatry Blog [unique article]

For mental health educators, starting a psychiatry blog is one way to help their students learn more about the medical specialty without reading it from a textbook. Of course, all information that will be included is based on related literature and public scholastic references regarding the field of psychiatry.

“There’s a lot of science grounding expressive language writing and journaling as being an extremely helpful piece for maintaining mental wellness. You don’t want patients just to use their 50-minute sessions to process what’s going on in their lives. Instead, we should be helping them create a toolbox of ways to express themselves that they can use not only outside of therapy but in place of therapy at some point.” – Deborah Serani, PsyD,


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