The Mind-Blogging World of Social Relationship Status

With the advancement and progress of technology, everything we need is just one click away. Technology has come a long way in creating a virtual network among people; it has enabled us to have wireless access to information than we usually get through physical interaction. And now, even communication has stepped up into a higher notch, from snail mails and telegraphs to electronic mails and short message service. Even social media has gone a lot better; it has taken the world into a more interactive communication with people around the world. Social platforms have paved the way for the era of Social-Blogs which has given the world a broad spectrum of opportunities and possibilities.



The hype going on social blogging has both given the downsides and upsides when it comes to communication and relationship. Yes, it has lessened human physical connection as its downside, but more than this, blogging has enabled people to express their communication skills through writing. It has given them the freedom to speak up their minds – the introverts have found their way to channel out their thoughts. Blogging has given the world thousands of souls sharing their thoughts and ideas. It is like a vast sea of facts and opinions, and through this, relationships of people have improved as well.

Madeleine Warren, LMFT, LCPC, writes, “I have been encouraged by friends and colleagues to ‘put that in your book’. That is a daunting prospect indeed, but I do know that every significant accomplishment in one’s life starts with planting the seeds of intention and then paying attention to the clarity that we ‘grow’ through taking one small, determined step at a time. In this regard, my intention is to publish (concisely) on a semi-weekly basis.”

Specifically, blogs about social relationship status have been one of the trending topics as people find writing as a medium to release their feelings especially those who are experiencing what they are writing. But what are the effects of these blogs to the people?

For the single – they may realize after that being single is not a curse at all, that there are still perks that come along, that while waiting for the one, you must learn how to enjoy life. It will also make you realize that finding happiness and purpose does not depend on relationship status alone, after all, it is all about how you perceive life.

“When upsetting, challenging or traumatic events occur, we often are not able to fully process what happened and the event – and the emotions around what occurred – become stuck in our memory, often with a lot of distressing emotions and intrusive thoughts,” says Health Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain. “The simple act of expressing thoughts on paper can allow us to let go of the feelings involved and allow us to fully metabolize our experience. In doing so, we can construct a meaningful personal narrative about what happened and make sense of the experience, says Mirgrain.


For those who are in a relationship complicated or not, married or engaged, reading blogs will help them understand the struggles that they must go through and that for the relationship to work, it always takes two to tango. Blogs can help couples to see their situation on the same page of the book of life, this will enable them to explore what could still be saved because after all, it’s up to them on how they are going to conquer the challenges of their relationship.



And for those who have broken their hearts– it helps a lot to read other people’s experiences on heartbreak, it is like finding an instant and constant companion all through the process of acceptance and moving on. Engaging yourself through interactive blogs will enable you to share your pains and will allow you to vent out your emotions.


“Can blogging help you feel more connected with others and, in turn, increase your own sense of well-being and happiness? Apparently so, at least amongst college students. And even if the results don’t generalize quite so strongly to others, the data indicate a trend that suggests there continues to be benefits of journaling — whether public or private. Public journaling — blogging — however, results in the addition of these improvements in social connectedness, something you just can’t get from a private diary.” – John Grohol, PsyD.

Blogs like these have been tremendously giving a lot of support to people having struggles and issues on their relationship status. A great way to make everyone feel that no one is left behind and that all is fair in love and war.