Treating Disorders: Mental Health Blogs

The modern times have caused many psychological concerns more prevalent and even topping the medical problems of most persons. This lead to the sprouting of many mental health blogs and sites with the purpose of providing efficient and immediate information on how to address and manage the many mental health disorders.

Many mental health blogs have now emerged to adddress mental health disorders

Mental Health Blogs

Synonymous with therapy are the words healing, remedy, rehabilitation, treatment. In psychiatry and psychology, all these terms lead to a single goal, treating mental health disorders. Therapy consists of therapeutic interventions to manage and control symptoms of mental health disorders. In the course of mental health problems and with the continuous study of the possible treatments of psychological disorder, a variety of therapies have emerged that aim to address mental health problems.

 Discussing Therapies

“Major life transitions can bring up a lot past memories, increase anxiety, disorder eating and body image, and even though it’s “the happiest time of your life”, depression and other mental health symptoms are known to flare up.”  Brie Shelly, MS, LMHC, RYT said. So when a person consults for treatment of his/her mental health concerns, the mental health professional selects the appropriate therapy program that will suit their needs. To date, several types of therapy apply to psychological problems. It includes both the Western and Eastern treatment modalities wherein scientific evidence has proven their benefits. Nonetheless, there are also new therapies that are still being tested and needs further investigation. You need to include these therapies and discuss their potentials and benefits, disadvantages, and complications that can happen along the way.

You can start by discussing the most common therapies utilized nowadays expanding to the support services and other means of obtaining help:


This method helps in uncovering deep-seated memories and understand one’s behaviors and attitudes about his psychological problems. It also aims to help resolve internal conflicts and enhance interpersonal relationships as it explores thoughts, feelings, and actions, towards the individual’s well-being. “Good psychotherapy is an amazing tool because a skilled therapist can help you discover and learn things that will help you lead a happier, healthier life.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC emphasizes.



“Research has also demonstrated that medication in conjunction with ongoing psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for depression and/or anxiety.” Dr. Karen Wolman, a Licensed Psychologist explains. In the field of psychiatry, an explanation of why specific mental illness happens is because of the imbalance of brain chemicals. By prescribing the appropriate medication, the chemicals in the brain are regulated thus decreasing the symptoms of mental illness.

Case Management

This is a unique area of the treatment process where a case manager helps the patient in his insurance, ensuring that he resides in a place that is conducive to his treatment and recovery, and even makes sure that he attends his medical consultations promptly.


In some cases, in-patient confinement is necessary for the patient to be closely monitored, precisely diagnosed or have medications adjusted when the mental illness worsens and compromising the physiological functioning of the person.


Mental Health Blogs

Reading about group therapies are also beneficial to some patients as this gives them the idea that they are not alone in this condition. Group forums wherein members guide each other in achieving the shared goal of recovery can contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of mental illness.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine. This involves treatments and practices that are not part of the traditional care but have positive results in addition to standard health practices. Yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, herbal plants are just some of the examples.

From Mental Health Blogs: Therapist’s Role


Each therapy requires a skilled and well-trained therapist. Information on how to become a certified therapist is also crucial in your blog to provide the readers with adequate information on the mental health professional that is performing the treatment modality.

Special Disclaimer

One thing to take heed when setting up blogs like this is always to indicate that all information is relevant; however, a professional consult is still the best method of obtaining help. Keep this information always in your article posts to prevent foreseeable dilemmas concerning disseminating medical information online.