Ways You Can Benefit From A Family Blog



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This is such a great time to be alive – living in an era of supreme technology, information, and great opportunities. It does make one overwhelmed sometimes, but it is absolutely exciting. It provides a lot of benefits for families from all kinds of angles. With the rise of digital phones, computers, and tablets even getting more modern and upgraded, more families depend on the World Wide Web for various data, entertainment, and of course a way through which they can share their lives with their other loved ones and the rest of the people across the world. Maintaining a family blog site is a progressing trend that is projected to exist for a long time. Many websites are presenting their platforms for free or for very affordable one-time fees so that practically anyone can create his or her own blog in the design and template that suits is customized to their lifestyle.

So why is it that more and more people, including families, are trying to learn and run a family blog? Here are some of the most common reasons that some members of the household gave us during a survey.

To Keep In Touch

Some studies have revealed that approximately 40% of people stay in their hometown, the place where they were born. This means that a massive 60% of the rest of the Americans had gathered their roots and brought them along when they left their hometowns to find greener pastures in other cities or states – or countries. Some families go where jobs are plenty and accessible; others want to escape a sad past or just can’t wait to experience the sounds and sights of the city.

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Whatever reason they may have, this carries a sense of solace for a lot of families that are striving to keep in touch with people that they had left before they wanted a new life. Running a family blog site is a wonderful means of keeping their significant others informed and updated about their whereabouts and whatnot – everything that the family is going through with each of their lives – especially those relatives who live far from them. Popular social media platforms that are being used today are Instagram and Facebook. But more than just a space for a family vacation and candid photos, blogs can help record the big or small details that make up their journey as a family.

Documenting Events And Experiences

You may not realize it first when you’re just doing the laundry and tidying the house, but these simple moments will pass you by quicker than you expected. Creating a family blog is a great and cost-effective way of keeping records of the various challenges of each family member. Soon, when the kids are off to college, they’re going to look back and have a read at the blog and thank their parents for teaching them to clean up and always spend time together in the living room on weekends. They’ll sit down and talk with their friends about how they miss their family and perhaps share with them parts of their blog about their exciting family outings. You can also treat your blog as a journal of your family’s highs and lows and how you were able to survive by helping each other. It will feel nostalgic just scanning through the pages and reading about your first Christmas in the city or the first big baseball game that you watched together.

Free Digital Album

Almost everyone loves to take family pictures – and what better way to capture and save these photos but through a blog site that you can visit anytime. You won’t have to purchase a photo album and see what goes in or what doesn’t. If you want to revisit your trip to the Niagara Falls, then you can always do so any time and any place where there’s an Internet connection. You don’t need to carry a bulky photo album with you just to keep your family close to you while you’re away. Plus, you get to share these photos online for your relatives and close friends to see. If you wish to have a more organized digital album, you can assign tabs for each family member and place corresponding photos there. This is a wonderful habit that should be passed on to generations.

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Filter What You Share

Of course, not all family members remember the time John got a contusion during summer camp with the same affection – John most probably doesn’t want to recall this as often as you do. Make sure that all family members approve the posts – posts that are will not put them in an insecure, dangerous, or uncomfortable position. A family blog site is also not the best space to vent about a family quarrel or secret. Give your posts a long thought of whether or not they are inspiring or harmful. Family blogs may not be all good and colorful, but they shouldn’t be degrading or too revealing either. What’s private must remain private for the family.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, maintaining a family blog provides more good than harm and offers a lot of benefits for very few risks. Families just need to agree on their own rules and, of course, follow simple and easy guidelines. You can’t stop time from running fast, but you can keep a record of memories that families can cherish for a lifetime.